Why a 'loud shirt friday?

The Loss of Colleagues and Friends

There are many reasons why doctors have taken their lives. There is no single solution and we at LSF are under no illusion that an awareness day will provide all of the answers.

We believe it is however a beginning. Loud Shirt Friday is uniquely conceived and run by doctors-in-training keen to make a difference. An opportunity to remind ourselves that we are but human and to extend to each other the kindness and empathy that we show to our patients.

Engaging all Staff

Loud Shirt Friday allows all hospital staff to show support and help raise awareness. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and all allied health staff will be asked to don a loud shirt and show support.

A day full of colour whilst not losing sight of the sombre realities that have prompted the event.

Reminding us all to look out for eachother, ensure we debrief when tragedy strikes and provide an ear or shoulder when one is required.

Our Mission

20th October 2017 is the inaugural event, established by doctors-in-training who wish to become better leaders and mentors in the future - who are willing to change the culture of their workplace.

We may be part of a highly competitive and hard working ethos, but refuse to believe that doctors need take their own lives at such a horrific rate.

The recent media and political interest in this matter may well come and go. Loud Shirt Friday will be a timely reminder that there is much yet to be done and that we all need to be part of the solution.

LSF 2017, coming soon...

LSF on Friday 20th October 2017 now featuring at the following hospitals:


The Alfred

Ballarat Health Services


Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

The Northern Hospital



John Hunter

Prince of Wales

Royal North Shore


Westmead Adults










Fiona Stanley

Royal Perth

St John of God Midland

Hedland Health Campus

Kalgoorlie Hospital

Broome Hospital



Princess Alexandra


Calvary Bruce

Canberra Hospital

‘Knot of this World' by Sydney Artist Michael Isaac Saker

A loud painting for LOUD Shirt Friday.

All donors to our Beyond Blue page:


will be automatically entered into a draw for this original artwork.

‘Knot of this World' is a signed original acrylic and oil on marine ply, and has been donated by Sydney Artist Michael Isaac Saker in support of Loud Shirt Friday. 

'Knot of this World ’ was part of Michael’s recent Exhibition at Disorder Gallery Darlinghurst.

Michael's career began in the late 70s and his diverse history includes exhibitions throughout Sydney and Australia, large scale murals, book and record cover designs, performance videos and roles as an art critic. 

Still an underground painter, Michael remains a prolific artist and fixture in the Darlinghurst community and his work is now exclusively available via Disorder Gallery  -https://www.disordergallery.com/

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- Dr Tony Floyd

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